Growth and Development Cards (PDF Downloads)

These documents provide a great way to track your child’s development, what should my child be doing at a given age, practice age-appropriate skills with your child, safety tips, etc…

Breastfeeding Basics
Infants 1-2 months
Babies 3-4 months
Babies 5-6 months
Babies 7-9 months
Babies 10-11 months
Toddlers 12-14 months
Toddlers 15-18 months
Toddlers 2 years
Young Children 3-4 years
Young Children 5-6 years

Calculate Your Child’s Growth Percentile

Growth Percentile Calculator

Contacting ECHO Screening Access

We provide development screening, vision, hearing, social/emotional check, and help with referrals to programs. Enroll in programs while you are here. Call ECHO office, and make an appointment for a screening.

ECHO Office | 276-6174